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Saturday, December 30, 2006


All our immediate family knows our news. The reactions were a mix of predictable and surprising. My mother-in-law, usually a very together woman was in tears which shocked me. I guess since this isn't the first grandchild to anyone I thought the news would be exciting... but not life changing. I did learn that a grandbaby is a grandbaby and everyone thought it was great.
The two people I didn't want to tell the most were my sister and my sister-in-law... two very competitive people. My sister I am still trying to figure out what her true feelings were. I told her and her reaction was that of happiness but then retreated and kept to herself for the rest of the day. I did get the impression that there may have been a fight with her husband which could explain her mood so I don't want to jump to any conclusions. I know that she is trying for baby no. 2 and has been for a few months... so I think (and understand) that it could ignite the competitive side in her. I told my hubby that I do hope, for our child's sake, that it takes her a couple more months just so our kids are at least 6 months apart for fear of comparison.

My sister-in-law's reaction was totally predictable. She made it about her self and tried to get rid of her junk and give it too us. When we hinted that we didn't a) have room for her crap and b) would see what we have/get and then take on more toys she responded with a "Well I can just pack it up and give it to charity". My husband, ever so politely, responded "That's a good idea"! She then suggested all the things we could do during my MAT leave etc.

It feels good and yet weird to have the news out. I am 13 weeks now and we heard the baby's heartbeat so I feel pretty comfortable that I will meet this baby which is a really nice feeling. I can start preparing and getting REALLY excited about this new addition to our little family.

Friday, December 08, 2006


It is almost time to tell our families the good news. It is getting harder and harder not to spill the beans. I feel like I am avoiding our families in case someone makes a comment or asks or worst case scenario say "My you have gained a little weight!"

This week I am feeling super self conscious about my weight and starting to show. At nights, I am not sure what it is, but I think I am really showing and the by morning I am back to normal. Has anyone else experienced that?

I am really starting to worry about gaining too much weight. I haven't had much morning sickness but I do find I feel the most ill when I am hungry so I tend to eat. And being someone who doesn't plan ahead a lot and someone who is working downtown it is hard to eat healthy all the time. I really don't want to gain too much weight. I really have to start making it a priority to stay on track.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

9 Weeks!

I am 9 weeks today. My baby is officially a fetus now!

I just need to vent about how fat I am already feeling. This now morning sickness thing has its perks but seriously. I feel like I have gained 10 pounds already. I keep reading that you don't usually start gaining weight till your second trimester. I don't think I am showing yet but everything is sure tight right now. I would like to blame it on water retention.

I just don't want to be one of those moms who gains all this weight during pregnancy and then never takes it off. Mind you it is FREAKING COLD up here in Canada right now so maybe it is just my winter layer to help protect me from the wind chill. I am also sure the eating supper and going straight to bed isn't a helpful thing either... but I am so tired.

The good news is... I AM HAVING A BABY!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

8 weeks

I am still pregnant. I have gone for my first ultra sound to figure out how far along I am. It was so sweet, we got to see the little heart flutter!! Tears streamed down my cheeks. Then we went and met with our prenatal doctor. LOVE HER! We both were super happy after leaving and felt super comfortable with her. She sent me for some blood work. I guess they do this screening for all pregnant woman... so I had to have an HIV test and got checked out for chlamydia . Luckily it was all on a "PRENATAL SCREENING" form so I didn't look like a promiscuous girl.

We are still not thinking about buying anything yet for our little bundle of joy until I hit the three month mark but I am getting more excited as the weeks go by. I haven't been really sick just REALLY tired. I have already gained a bit of weight so I am a little worried that and am trying to eat a little bit healthier lately as not to gain all my recommended weight in the first trimester!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The test was positive... THE TEST WAS POSITIVE. I can't believe it.

Now I am scared that I will loose it. A good friend just lost her baby so that is fresh in my head. My hubby has read up on it and the odds are in our favor that this one will stick. It works perfect to tell the family... I think we will tell them on Christmas day!! :)


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This month I am feeling very different. I am having a little nausea and my boobs are sore... I also just feel different. I am excited to take a pregnancy test but I am also SUPER scared. I keep getting flashes of what I would feel like if it was negative after feeling so pregnant for the last week or so. My friend thinks I am crazy. She is pregnant and she said she took tests everyday. Where I would take a test and if it was negative I would wait for my period. If I am pregnant it would be so cool. I could start telling family etc. around Christmas. What perfect timing!!!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Reminders!

So another one of my good friends has just informed us she is pregnant. I am super happy for her as there was some concern if she could even have kids. But still, I feel sad in a way. It just reminds me that I am not pregnant and I don't know if I ever will.

Not only that but with these friends I am getting the pity comments now... "It will happen... just have fun practicing". Right! In a sad way, I don't feel the great desire to hang out with these people anymore... mostly because (and by no fault of their own) all the talk is around pregnancy and baby and those conversations just make my heart break.